Tips on How to Play the Piano and Sing at The Same Time

When you see artists like Elton John and Billy Joel who play the piano and sing effortlessly, you think that doing these two things together is easy. However, when you try it yourself, you realize that it is way harder than it looks. And then when you ask your friends around, you begin to understand that you are not alone with finding playing the piano and singing at the same time very difficult.

Stevie Wonder plays the piano and sing at the same timeThe truth is, it is challenging to play the piano and sing at the same time. It is because both rely on different pitches, segments, and tones, and it is up to you on how you are going to merge them. While one focuses on your vocal chords, the other skill focuses on your hand and finger movements. People who are naturally gifted in music may find this easy; but for the rest of us, we have to work hard to get there.

But it is not impossible to learn. You only need to focus on your training, and to be specific with reaching this seemingly impossible goal. More than anything, you need to find a good music teacher to help you. And if you are currently working in New York, for sure, you won’t find the time to travel to your music class for traffic and subways can be hectic, and working hours are long. If you have a keyboard at home, it is best to look for the top-rated in-home piano lessons in NYC, so you get all the more motivated to learn.

As mentioned, it is possible to learn to play the piano and sing at the same time. You need to focus on specific things to help you reach your goal, and these include the following:

  1. Learning how to sing along the right pitch, rhythm, and tone;
  2. Learning how to play the piano along the right pitch, rhythm, and tone;
  3. Knowing which word or syllable has the right tone for transitions and,
  4. Having your piano skills get along with these tone transitions.

When you look at these skills, they are not easy to learn. You need time, dedication, and patience to reach your goal. And you cannot expect to practice 30 minutes a week and end up being an expert at this. You need to devote at least one hour a day of solid training to help you do this effortlessly.

How do you learn how to play the piano and sing at the same time? While your teacher can help you, here are some tips to encourage you to get started:

1. Focus on singing properly

If you sing off-key, then you cannot expect to be able to play the piano along the right pitch. Your singing is directly connected with how you play the piano, and so if one of these is incorrect, then you can expect the other element to be wrong, too. You must not have room for singing off-key, without the right pitch, or without the right rhythm. Before you go with trying both skills done together, focus on perfecting singing first.

Mastering the piano guides you when singing your notes2. Focus on playing the piano properly

Once you have mastered singing, now you can focus on playing the piano properly. You have to know how to play with your right and left hands, and be able to do that without struggling with reading the notes. So, you must master note reading, and be able to play along with the correct rhythm. You must know how to read the notes for the right and left hand and be able to do that without stopping or hitting the wrong keys.

If you are just starting with learning the piano, then this skill may be challenging for you. But you have no reason to worry because this can also be learned with enough time and practice. If you already know piano basics, a reasonable estimate would be at least one month of solid training (that is at least four hours of lessons a day). If you cannot devote this much time to practice and you can only do one to two hours of training a day, you can expect to see changes in your third month of practice.

3. Hum as you play the piano

Once you have gotten comfortable with singing and playing the piano, you can start doing these two together. But do not overwhelm yourself so abruptly. You can start with humming as you play the piano because doing so gives you enough leeway to get a feel for it. Humming allows you to “sing” through the right tone, pitch, and rhythm, while not making it incredibly difficult for you to adapt. You can practice humming as you play the piano for as long as you can until you get comfortable with this set-up.

Now that you have mastered playing the piano, singing, and humming as you play, you can now start singing while playing the piano. With all these skill sets combined, you will realize that it is not as difficult as it seems. However, the road to get here is challenging, so you must be ready to go through that if you want to succeed. In time, you can play the piano and sing so effortlessly, and people will think it is natural for you to do it.