Keeping a Wedding Notebook to Keep Tabs of Planning

When we look at the overall picture of a finished wedding, we begin to wonder if becoming engaged was the right decision. Or maybe eloping is the easy way out. Relax! Simplify, and it will all become manageable.

Use the Wedding Notebook Approach

A wedding notebook is a must for organizing a wedding but before you try to put together a notebook, sit down and make a general list of all the different topics starting with your colors and possibly a theme. It’s not necessary to be specific at this point. Your topics will include:

  • LocationWedding notebooks would remind you of forgotten people on your invitation
  • Minister
  • Dress
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen
  • Reception
  • Honeymoon
  • Cake
  • Flowers
  • Decorations

You may have more and different topics, but try to keep them as simple and few as possible. There is no need to have a heading for Maid of Honor and another for Bridesmaids. Those can be grouped together. When you have a good list put dividers in your notebook with your list as the headings. You can always add more or adjust the ones you already have.

The Wedding Details

Now that you have your notebook and the headings divided up it’s time to have some fun. Put several pages of blank paper behind each divider and start brainstorming. Take one heading and write all your thoughts and ideas behind that divider. Ask for ideas from other people close to you but remember this is you and your Grooms wedding, so yours are the final decision.

When you make a firm decision under a heading, highlight it. As you put your decisions into action, you may have to make changes, but for now, that heading is done. You will not be able to work just one heading at a time because they are all interrelated but some are more important at the beginning than others. The most important heading, to begin with, is the Location.

Write Everything Down

While you are brainstorming on one topic ideas for other topics may come to mind so write those down under their heading. As you work through the headings and decisions are made you will see your wedding becoming clearer and more organized.

Of course, there will be changes because some of the decisions you make just won’t work. For instance, you may have chosen silver, green, and black for your colors but realize when you start looking for flowers it’s hard to find real black flowers. You do find them in silk so decide to go with silk rather than real flowers.

The location you choose may influence the decorations you can use. Some places don’t allow lighted candles so you will need to use another form of light like Christmas strings of lights for a substitute. Being flexible and open to change will make this time of planning more enjoyable. Be creative! You may come up with something that will become the new fashion.

The Most Important Wedding Planning Tip

Plan to do as much as possible early. The more you have finished and out of the way, the more you can relax and enjoy those last few weeks and days before the big event. There’s nothing that causes more tension and stress than last-minute decisions.

Make a Wedding Notebook and keep it handy to fill in ideas as they come to mind. Use it to put important names, telephone numbers, and addresses in so you don’t have to try to remember all those details. When all the planning is finished, and it is time to turn it over to your wedding planner or hostess you can give them a copy of the notebook and go enjoy the day.