Improving Sales of your Etsy Site

If you are an Etsy seller, chances are, you know for yourself how difficult it is these days to sell your products on this platform. The competition is now at an all-time high for hobbyists selling their products on Etsy. Aside from hobbyists, you are also up against companies who pose as artisans when, in fact, they are well-established businesses. The competition is what kills creativity when you choose to sell on Etsy, so you need to keep up with the changing trends to improve your chances of selling your products.

Getting success for your Etsy shopThere are now lots of Etsy sellers, with almost two million sellers registered on the site. Imagine, you are up against those many people who also vie for the top spot. Being on Etsy is like publishing your website or blog online. You not only need to have a good product. At the same time, you also need to provide excellent photos, caption, videos (if possible). You must even know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works because this is what will keep your page apart from the rest. If you need assistance of this aspect, you could consult with seasoned digital marketers at to level up your marketing efforts.

As you can see, Etsy has now become a commercial hub for hobbyists and artisans to sell their products. Before, it was more like a community that wanted to showcase talented people’s work online. Intensive marketing wasn’t needed because as long as you have good products, then clients will notice your work.

Fast forward to two years since Etsy gained almost two million sellers. The atmosphere has changed dramatically. From hobbyists, you can now find full-blown business owners selling their shop’s products. When big businesses started selling their products on this platform, life got way harder for small sellers. It is because they don’t have the capital, network, and people that big enterprises have. So, instead of focusing on their work, they have no choice but to focus on marketing, as well.

As an Etsy seller, it is crucial to keep up with the times if you want to succeed. If you are still unsure as to how you can improve your page, here are some tips to help you sell better on Etsy. Remember, when selling online, it is not only about the product; it is about your marketing techniques as well.

Here are some tips on how you can improve your Etsy site:

1. Take great photos

When selling on Etsy, photos are incredibly important. Therefore, you must invest time, energy, and money into producing excellent images. Your pictures must leave a lasting impression on those who see your products for the first time. And these days, since it is easy for everyone to swipe up and down on their smartphones, it is easy for people to want to miss your page if they haven’t found anything interesting. So, the trick is for you to get people’s attention even on the first time that they see your product.

Professional product photography will help you sellIf you are not a trained photographer, consider hiring one for this photoshoot. It may cost a bit of money for you to hire a professional photographer, but you will quickly see the dividends of your investment. Customers prefer seeing memorable photos online, and so if you get to grab people’s attention, then you can encourage more people to buy your product.

Never use raw and unedited smartphone photos on your page. Although it will take money and time to edit your photos, do have your photos edited. You will see a big difference in how you present your products, compared with merely posting unedited images that you’ve taken on your own.

2. Keep the description short and sweet

No current or potential customer would want to read a novel when they search for a necklace to buy on Etsy. Not only will a long description bore people; also, it doesn’t leave a good impression on your audience. When you keep descriptions long, you end up sounding like a promotional ad that runs on the radio or infomercials. Of course, you want to be heard by your audience. For you to do this, you need to ensure that your captions and descriptions captivate people’s attention. Avoid unnecessary adjectives. Also, avoid using long words when you can do with short ones. Get direct to the point, too, if you need to explain something about the product.

To increase your promotion’s effectivity, have your description edited over and over again. For this, you may even want to hire a project-based copywriter or editor to do the job for you. Getting professional advice is crucial when you are publishing your product’s description and caption. It is because what sounds excellent to you may be ineffective if a professional sees it. It will cost money to hire a professional editor or copywriter; but at the same time, it is crucial to hire one if you want the best description for your brand.

Etsy is a global platform that brings together hobbyists and artisans from all around the world. You need to take a second look at your brand’s page if you are not getting the results that you want. And you may need to improve your Etsy site to enhance the chances of people wanting to buy products from you.