How to Plan for the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Preparing for a wedding proposal can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments in any person’s life. While both men and women can propose to their partner, it is most often the man (or the one who is taking the lead role in a same-sex relationship) who does it. Some take months to prepare for the proposal, and some even chicken out the last minute.

Perfect mood when popping the questionAlthough many couples have been together for years, proposing can be a challenge for many because of all the emotions that go with this one-time event. There is the feeling that your partner might say “No,” or the impression that you have not prepared enough for the event. If you don’t know what to feel about the whole proposal idea, you are not alone. Many feel the jitters even up to the last minute. And no one can explain why it is how they feel.

Some keep it simple, like the classic ring in a gift, that when your partner opens the package and sees the ring, you pop the question. Some are a bit adventurous with placing the ring in their partner’s food, which is, by the way, dangerous. How do you do an emergency response to your partner should he/she accidentally choke the ring?

Kidding aside, there are some who do over-the-top proposals through serenading after you book your wedding band, renting out an entire estate, putting up fireworks, and putting up a billboard advertisement among others. These ideas don’t come cheap, but some opt to do it. While some proposals are meant from the heart, others are just for show. Social media has been influential on this one, with many couples posting photos and videos of their proposals. The more over-the-top it is, the more likes it gets.

If you’ve been egging to ask your partner for his/her hand in marriage, how do you plan for the perfect wedding proposal? Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Select a location that’s meaningful to the both of you

The significance of the location makes the job easier for you to propose. First off, go to a site that has a special place in your relationship. It can be the area where you first officially became a couple, or where you had your first kiss. The site does not have to be spectacular because what’s important is how the area is memorable for you and your partner.

Getting hitched smoothly starting with a proposal2. Get some music going

If you need a confidence booster, you can get some music for your background. It can make a big difference in setting the mood of the moment, and in helping you even out gaps when you feel nervous or out of words.

3. Practice your speech

You don’t have to prepare a long speech for the proposal. What’s important is for you to get an idea of what you want to say on that particular day. You need to get a rough draft that you can picture in your head to help you tell the things you want to say. Your partner will understand for sure if you end up being out of words, but what’s vital is you get to tell the gist of your proposal message.

You don’t have to splurge big time to propose to your partner. The genuineness and authenticity of your feelings will lead you a long way and can help you get through the nerve-wracking thought of asking for your partner’s hand in marriage.

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