Choosing Wedding Day Transportation

Traditionally, the bride has been dreaming about the wedding day for a very long time. She may have every little detail planned out in her mind. The details may even include some transportation ideas. What are some of the options and choices a couple may have to choose from?

A horse-drawn carriage offers a grand entrance to a wedding. It may be a part of many girls dreams, and it is fun. It is important to have a car available for last minute travels that may need to happen. For example, the flowers are late, and someone needs to run. A bridesmaid broke a heel, and someone needs to get some shoes and give the girl a ride. The horse and carriage can’t take care of those issues. Another consideration is the weather. Be sure that the carriage has some kind of weather protection.

Cans tied to a car is derived from the French custom of throwing charivari for the coupleCarriages can be used for guest as well. Shuttling them from the parking area to where the vows are made can be exciting for the entire group. It’s quite an undertaking, but for a small wedding, it can be just the ticket.

A limousine adds a classy touch. Check out the companies reputation and automobiles beforehand. Nothing is worse than climbing into an unclean limousine with a white dress. Not many brides are interested in poke dots made of mud. Arriving on time also matters. It is imperative that references are checked, and they have a great reputation. A full refund doesn’t help the sting of a problem on the wedding day.

While these are entrance options, sometimes the exit can be a most memorable. It seems like the grooms are getting more involved in how they leave the festivities.

Tandems bicycles are making a come back. More couples are simply peddling off into a new and simple life together. It would appear that some green options are finding their way to a wedding as well. That is a good thing.

Harley’s and bullet bikes are also a popular choice now. Perhaps couples are sending a message that there is only room for the two of them. Mothers-in-law, children, and friends have no place in the honeymoon phase.

No matter how the couple leaves, it seems that cans and decorations still find their way to transportation. It seems an odd tradition, and even at the most elegant of weddings, it can creep in. The decorating of the cars can be traced back to the traditional charivari. This tradition was all the wedding guests gathered outside the home of the newly married couple on the wedding night. The goal was to make noise so they would bang pots and pans, shoot guns and rattle and roll. This evolved into tin cans and shoes being tied to the back of the car. Shoes were used because they were an expensive item and a sign of respect and wealth.

Remember that this wedding is really about the bride and groom. So let them make the decisions and then support them.