Handy Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

  • A wedding emergency kit should be handy. This may have makeup, blow dryer/curling iron, pantyhose, baby wipes, safety/bobby pins, sewing kit, and your suppliers’ list with their phone numbers.
  • Have your hair stylist do at least one practice run through with your headpiece, (and have a friend take photos)
  • Only use oil-free matte makeup, well blended, with no high colors.
  • Wedding Day Hair and Makeup: ALWAYS HAVE THE BRIDE’S HAIR and makeup done first. These services always seem to take longer than you are told.
  • The florist should have all personal flowers labeled and know the times and places they are needed
  • Assign attendants/parents to take care of rings, license, and payments to vendors
  • A receiving line will take 30-45 minutes after the ceremony, wear out makeup and flowers will begin to wilt. Instead, visit your guests at the tables during the reception; this will give you an opportunity for candid photographs with some of your favorite people.
  • It takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on requests, for post-ceremony photography
  • Two attendants should know how to bustle your gown
  • Thursday before the wedding all men should pick up and try on their tuxes, count every stud, etc.
  • All fittings should be with the shoes to be worn at the wedding, (watch out for heels catching hems)
  • Use coarse sandpaper on the soles of all new shoes.
  • All participants to be in photographs should know where and when to be for all photography, (remember to include spouses of siblings and their children). Time can then be used to the maximum
  • Make time plans with caterer and music to get the maximum from your reception
  • Reception Hint: Have the first dance and dance “set” immediately following the grand entrance with your family and wedding party ringing the dance floor. This way you won’t be searching for people later on for the dances you want to do; your music can play dance music between courses, and you can visit your guests. It does make for better reception.
  • Modern Bride magazine says “A photographer who can blend posed photographs with photojournalistic coverage of your day is your best value and contract your photographer early.” “Some Black and White photography is a nice added touch.”
  • Having your ceremony at other than a church/temple? You should look at the background for pictures, mirrors, microphones, etc.
  • If you have wine at your ceremony, use white to prevent stains.

Five Steps to an Impeccable Wedding Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal helps everyone in the wedding party know in advance what to expect during the big day. The rehearsal can be held at the location of the ceremony or even in someone’s living room. The rehearsal doesn’t run in the same order as the wedding, although this may sound confusing the process actually helps everyone see the big picture – where do I stand?

Who Attends the Wedding Rehearsal?

Everyone in the wedding party, both sets of parents, and possibly grandparents should be present at the run-through. Send out invitations to everyone who can be present knows of this practice session. This may be the first time everyone gets an opportunity to meet one another face-to-face; this is important for ushers who will have the task of escorting specific relatives to their seats before the wedding ceremony.

If someone in the wedding party cannot attend, leave a space for them and ask those on either side to help direct that person on the wedding day.

A bride walks to the altar for the processionalStep One: Practice the Receiving Line

Run through the receiving line first. Although this may seem unnecessary, it will greatly speed things on the wedding day when wedding guests expect to move through the receiving line to get to the cocktail hour. Reverend James Wentz suggests the receiving line start with the mothers, the bride, and groom, the fathers, the best man and maid/matron of honor, followed by the rest of the wedding party.

Step Two: Stand in Order at the Altar

The bride and groom face the Officiant; during the rehearsal, this may be a chair. The attendants stand on either side of the couple, facing them so they are in profile to the guests. Ring bearers and flower girls stand in front of the best man and matron of honor. The wedding couple can save time by knowing where everyone will stand before the day of the rehearsal. For additional information, go to How to Practice at a Wedding Rehearsal.

Step Three: Practice the Recessional

The bride and groom leave first. The flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) follow behind. The maid/matron of honor and the best man walk down the aisle together, followed by paired bridesmaids and groomsmen. The attendants who were closest to the bride and groom leave first, followed by those who were farther from the couple.

Step Four: Practice the Processional

The groom and the attendants move down the aisle to the altar, standing in place as previously practices. During the recessional, the groomsman furthest from the groom leaves last; during the processional, he will be the first groomsman to enter. The bridesmaids enter in the same pattern, the outer bridesmaid entering first, positioning herself so she mirrors the groomsman with whom she is paired.

Next is the ring bearer, followed by the flower girl. The bride and her escort wait until everyone else is in place and the music changes before walking down the aisle. The groom may step toward the bride and offer her his arm for the last few steps to the altar. The bride’s escort sits.

Step Five: Practice the Wedding Service

Although it isn’t necessary to run through the wedding service word-for-word, it can be helpful to mime the actions of the unity ceremony, have the bride practice handing her bouquet to the maid/matron of honor, have the attendants practice holding a costume jewelry ring, and allow small children to know when they can and can’t move.

After running through the wedding ceremony, the wedding party can again practice the recessional. Repeat any part of the processional/recessional or ceremony that seems necessary so to make everyone feel comfortable. The entire process can take an hour or two, depending on the size of the wedding party.

The Perfect Wedding Makeup for the Bride

Ah, weddings. A wedding is one of the most memorable events in any person’s life because it officially sanctifies and legalizes the bond between a couple. It is so special that most couples spend six months to up to two years to prepare for this event. Some do second jobs to help them get the event that they want, and others do overtimes to be able to save more leading up to the wedding. There is an overshoot of emotions throughout this journey, with some couples even breaking up weeks (or days) before the event itself. The event can get overwhelming not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and financially.

There are so many things to consider when preparing for a wedding, that most couples hire an events planner to help them put together what they want to do on this day. From the ceremony to the reception, food, drinks, program, music, dresses, suits, giveaways, and settings, everything has to be given priority. Things must be worked out up to the littlest detail.

One thing that is usually overlooked, though, and thought of at the last minute, is the bride’s makeup. Most brides think it is okay for them to do their makeup, and then a few days before the event, they realize they cannot do it. Some even decide they cannot do it on the day itself, which predisposes a frantic response for everyone who then has to find a professional makeup artist on the last minute.

If you are not a professional makeup artist, it is best to hire one for your bridal makeup. It is because the best and most experienced makeup artists see your face’s strengths and angles that you otherwise overlook. Therefore, they can improve your look and make you shine on your special day. Everyday makeup is different from bridal makeup, so consider hiring a professional for your wedding day.

But the makeup artist cannot do everything for you. You also have to prepare yourself for this day, and that means doing beauty routines that can help you improve your skin’s look and texture using cosmetics for K-Beauty lovers. Clean out your diet and consider only taking organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Stay away from sugar, fats, and caffeine. Follow the 10-step Korean beauty routine at least three months before your wedding. And exercise regularly, at least four times a week.

Bride looking her best on her wedding dayIf you’ve been looking for the right makeup artists to do your bridal makeup, what should you look for in his/her work? It is crucial for you to see this artist’s portfolio, and even better if you get to look at his/her client on the wedding day. No amount of marketing can cover an artist’s skills, because each bride has a unique preference and so, what looks good on you may not work for another bride.

In fact, there are only two things that you should consider in the artist’s work when looking around for a professional makeup artist:

1. Does the bridal makeup look natural?

Beauty transformations do not work for weddings. Remember, everyone that you have invited knows you, so there is no point making you a superstar who looks different from your natural look. The makeup should only highlight the bride’s strengths, for example, the cheekbones, eyes, lips, or nose. If the artist uses too many concealers and highlighters, then it is best to stay away from hiring that one.

2. Does the skin look glowy?

Most makeup artists’ work produces cakey looks, which is something that you must avoid on weddings. Weddings can be emotional events, and so, makeup that uses mascara or lots of foundation should be avoided if you don’t want to run the risk of having dripping makeup when your emotions get ahead of you. You should look for an artist that can produce a glowy effect, which does not only show vibrancy but also can exude happiness and confidence on the bride.

The key takeaway here is for you to highlight your strengths on your wedding day. Therefore, there is no point in transforming your look or hiding your weak spots. Through your makeup on your wedding day, you must be able to celebrate the joys of being you!