Be Ready for a Green Wedding

The time will come, if it has not already, that a bride asks you about resources and ideas for a “green” wedding. Here we will look into the elements and ideas that will prepare you for this challenge.

Succulents as wedding favorsTo ensure less of an environmental impact couples now have choices when it comes to their wedding vendors and supplies. It is not just about the “natural” aspect. It is also about the recycling and reusing of these supplies. It is also not just about organics but about locally grown, which means that transportation of the product will not contribute negatively to the environment. According to the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, DC, ‘every little bit helps.’

Let’s consider ways to make these elements eco-friendly:

  • The wedding dress, a bride would want to consider natural fibers such as silk/hemp or cotton, but should also consider the possibility of rentals or reusing a family member’s dress.
  • Consider using a caterer who purchases the necessary elements for the meal locally. Produce should be locally and organically grown. Think about doing a vegetarian menu or if that option does not appeal, ask your caterer if the meat or chicken served has been naturally raised using sustainable farming methods. For the bar suggest purchasing organic wines which should be available from a local winery or in many retail stores and beer from a local brewer.
  • Using fresh flowers, again from a local grower, reuse them for the wedding brunch and then donate them to a local nursing home. Or rent plants from a local greenhouse to decorate. Better yet consider a garden or park setting that is naturally beautiful and requires little enhancements for the wedding.
  • Invitations can be ordered that utilize recycled paper. There are also invitations that are made on paper that has flower seeds blended into the paper and then they can be planted.
  • Seedlings, plants or seed packets can be used for favors. The seedlings can be ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation that are in tubes and personalized with your message. The tubes are made to be recycled as a birdfeeder after the tree is planted.
  • When selecting gifts for her registry, brides should consider items such as cotton bed linens and towels, many retail and fine department stores offer eco options on their registries. Plus she could offer the option for guests to make a donation to her favorite charity. This should be an option that guests are allowed to choose not forced into.

    An inexpensive green backdrop at the weddingThere are so many ways to do things a bit differently and ultimately make a monumental impact. Many creative and eco-friendly ideas are available whether for wedding rings or how to make paper for invitations, all you have to do is look.