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"Social Media Marketing Simplified"

Are you trying to market on every social media platform that exists?  Are your marketing efforts effective on all of them or are you following a trend? The truth is that social media can be time consuming and often complicated, with all the choices that it offers it becomes difficult to determine what network(s) will capture your audience the most.  Thanks to our speaker, Sherron Washington, CEO of P3 Solution, a marketing and communication firm, for simplifing it for us. We all now know the difference between spreading the our message at the 'Facebook-Watercoolr' versus the 'Twitter Newsroom'. Great discussion and lots of fun. 

Special thanks to our sponsors, Lebanese Taverna of Bethesda (7141 Arlington Road, Bethesda MD) for beautiful space a wonderful meal preceeded by their signature hommus and fatayer cheese.  Also, thank you to "Photo Becky"  for capturing the fun.

Don't miss our next meeting May 24, 2016, 6pm-9pm, at  "The Winery at Bull Run".  Our speaker Eddie Fam will discuss "Events That Make an Impact". 

President's Letter


Welcome to the Association of Wedding Professionals of Greater Washington, DC!  Our has been an intricate and essential organization to wedding professionals in the DC Metro area for over 25 years, and we salute all who have shared and continue to share in our success. 

As you engage with AWP and your AWP Member colleagues I challenge each of you to adopt the following metrics that will enhance your professional growth and business relationships:

  • Set quarterly goals for yourself & your business that are measurable and attainable
  • Open your mind to accept new concepts and ideas within the industry
  • Challenge your talents to exceed your comfort level
  • Get to know your professional colleagues regarding their talents, services, and the elements that sets them apart in the industry
  • Remember that the learning process is like marriage; it's a continuous circle.  Receive information openly from your colleagues and your clients
  • Be in FRONT and in THE KNOW; continuously improve your knowledge of the market, industry trends, your colleagues in the industry so that you are able to provide optimum and stellar service to your clients
  • Build your business on the foundation of strong ethics and values
  • Remember there is no competition...YOU are it!
  • Believe in YOURSELF!


To propel you in your growth, AWP will be here as your central resource for education, networking, and true knowledge of the wedding market.  Our passion is to embrace everyone whom we encounter and help you to develop as we develop and grow.  Each Member within our organization helps us to excel as an organization and each other as individuals. We have planned an exciting year for you and we hope that you will take this journey with us.  Experience our journey every fourth Tuesday of the month at our educational and networking meetings. We look forward to seeing you and having you as a part of our organization.  You are the best in the industry and together we will soar to phenomenal heights 2015!


Tara Melvin

President – The Association of Wedding Professionals






With This Ring I Thee Wedd

With This Ring I Thee Wedd_Photo1   

Leora Motley Willis

Wedding Celebrant

With This Ring I Thee Wedd 

    For the past 24 years I have marriedcouples in Virginia, DC and Maryland. My objective is to legally wed a coupleso at the end of the day they can say to the world "this is myspouse!" I ensure the legality of the couple’s commitment while incorporatingtheir passion and energy into their ceremony. Couples are encouraged to actively With This Ring I Thee Wedd_Photo2    engage with me to set the tone of their ceremony – formal or informal,spiritual or secular, serious or playful. Some question humor during what issupposed to be a solemn time, but humor adds levity and reminds us not to takeourselves too seriously.

Every couple I meet, every ceremony I celebrate, isunique and memorable. My objective during my initial meeting with a couple isto learn as much as I can about them and what is important to them. With This Ring I Thee Wedd_Photo3 I oftenhear from couples how they appreciated the time I took with them and the interest I expressed. Another objective of personalizing each ceremony is toleave the couple’s mark on the hearts of their guests.

Get in touch with me today!

Leora Motley Willis




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